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HD Wallpaper Weismann

HD Wallpaper Weismann

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HD Wallpaper Weismann

6wallpaper hd weismann

7wallpaper hd The-British-Wiesmann




The company originally manufactured custom hard-tops for convertibles, which they continue to do. The first roadster left the workshop in 1993. As of 2006, they produce the Wiesmann MF 3 and MF 30 roadsters and the Wiesmann GT MF 4 coupé, all of which utilize engine and transmission components supplied by BMW. The Company makes 180 cars in a year by hand.

Wiesmann had plans to begin exporting vehicles to the USA by 2010, but recent reports indicate that Wiesmann has no immediate plans to sell vehicles in the United States because of exchange rates and the high costs of modifying and testing the cars in order to make them road-legal there. On August 14, 2013 Wiesmann filed for insolvency at the local court inMünster. Later, the management board of the Wiesmann corporation filed to dismiss the insolvency proceedings due to abolition of the insolvency reasons. The creditors’ meeting was postponed to December 16, 2013.As of early April 2014, discussions have been held with a UK-based consortium, CMMW, to take over Wiesmann and resume production. Wiesmann was liquidated in May 2014.

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